David Petherick

David Petherick

I make you visible, legible, credible and profitable online.

I co-founded NewsBase in ’95, was the world’s first Digital Biographer in ’07, and was first UK editor for The Next Web in ’09.

These days, I amaze customers with my ability to make them visible, legible and credible online. I’ve been doing that since around 2007, as the BBC recognised.

  • I run IOwnMyOwnName.com which allows you to own your own name online with just one phone call. A professionally configured WordPress blog hosted, FREE domain name and email for less than £40 a year. Is your name free?
  • Call me now on +44.7775.675.394 to be visible legible and credible online.

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Hasta pronto.

  • To get in touch me, call +44.7775.675.394- or use the contact form or the button below.